This will be more understandable if we take it by an example. Let’s see how many users we have on the system:

linux:~ # cat /etc/passwd
lp:x:4:7:Printing daemon:/var/spool/lpd:/bin/bash
mail:x:8:12:Mailer daemon:/var/spool/clientmqueue:/bin/false
news:x:9:13:News system:/etc/news:/bin/bash
uucp:x:10:14:Unix-to-Unix CoPy system:/etc/uucp:/bin/bash
games:x:12:100:Games account:/var/games:/bin/bash
man:x:13:62:Manual pages viewer:/var/cache/man:/bin/bash
at:x:25:25:Batch jobs daemon:/var/spool/atjobs:/bin/bash
wwwrun:x:30:8:WWW daemon apache:/var/lib/wwwrun:/bin/false
ftp:x:40:49:FTP account:/srv/ftp:/bin/bash
postfix:x:51:51:Postfix Daemon:/var/spool/postfix:/bin/false
sshd:x:71:65:SSH daemon:/var/lib/sshd:/bin/false
ntp:x:74:65534:NTP daemon:/var/lib/ntp:/bin/false
ldap:x:76:70:User for OpenLDAP:/var/lib/ldap:/bin/bash
linux:~ #

Now, what if I need all the users column before the colon. To do so, I’ll run the following command:

linux:~ # cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd


linux:~ #


As you can see, we have successfully gathered all the users currently on the system.  ‘-d’ option in the command defines the delimiter and it is defined as a colon. Then ‘-f1’ indicates which column we are to take. Here since 1 is mentioned, the first column before the colon is taken and since it is the users on the system, we get the required output. To save this file, you can direct the output of this command to another editor file just as follows:

linux:~ # cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd > allusers.txt

Adnan Khurshid

Adnan Khurshid, the author of this article, has been working in a telecommunication sector since 2007. He has worked there as a VAS (Value Added Services) engineer and has excelled remarkably in the field. Working in this field has been his passion and he has always made efforts to keep himself up to date. Find more about him on LinkedIn

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